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Mr. Kebap, Aachen

5.0 stars


Mr. Kebap always be there for you

Mr. Kebap is one of the restaurants in Aachen that is available until 6:30 in the morning. The first time I went there after having clubbed at Pontstrasse, then I was starving for something. And the only restaurant was open at that time was Mr. Kebap. It is located at 155 Pontstrasse, Aachen. The owner Mustafa Sari is very friendly and sometimes he also serves the customers.

I love the veal grill very much. Not only it is fresh but tender as well. If you want your grill with your own spices, you can tell them and they’ll make it for you. You can even bring your own condiment if you want. Mr. Kebap is a little more expensive than most of Turkish kebab in Aachen. Besides kebabs, this restaurant also offers some other German Turkish food. And it is really delicious! [more ]

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Mr. Kebap Aachen Fatih at Mr. Kebap My Turkish salad
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