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Die Grosse Mauer, Aachen

5.0 stars


Die Grosse Mauer aka the Great Wall

Die Grosse Mauer restaurant is a very small restaurant at the corner of Guaitastrasse. The owners of the restaurants are the professors in China. Due to the revolution in China, they came to Germany and the opened the restaurant. Die Grosse Mauer is very famous among the Chinese people in Aachen. They have two different kinds of menus ; in Chinese and in German.

If you can understand or speak Chinese, then you’ll have the Chinese menu which has more offers than the German one. If you like real Chinese food, then I really recommend you to try this restaurant. Hong shao rou is one of my favorite Chinese food. It is a kind of stewed pork with some Chinese herbs and it is a little bit greasy. I mostly only eat the skinny part and throw the fat away. The price is also pretty okay. [more ]

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