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Spot Bar, Shanghai

4.0 stars


Best Bar In Town

I have just moved to Shanghai and found The Spot Bar on my travels. As a bar this is a veue which makes you want to come back again and again. There is a great selection of both food and drink, and the staff care to all your needs. All major sporting events are also shown on various TV's and 1 large screen. A DJ plays on the weekends which goes well with there theme nights. Lets just say that I will be back again and again and again. [more ]

get Spotted at Spot

It has to be said that some Shanghai bars fall into two distinct categories: cheap ‘n’ sleazy or ‘overpriced and snooty’. If you want to get away from girls in barely-there skirts trying to scam drinks out of middle aged ex-pats or the designer-clad elite sipping cocktails that cost the price of a local families’ monthly food budget, head for Spot Bar on Tong Ren Lu.

The raised outdoor terrace provides great people-watching in warm weather while the 5 – 8pm half-price happy hour always goes down well. Check out the extensive menu – pasta, Thai fish cakes, steak and Mexican all compete for your taste buds’ attention. There’s also a separate German menu if you fancy some Deutsch favourites (the chef is German).

The interior is a classy mix of white walls, a couple of big corner sofas, mosaic mirrors, huge wooden tables with a few Southeast Asian artifacts scattered around for good measure. There’s also a pool table, a DJ on Friday and Saturday nights, free fruit martinis for girls after 10pm on Fridays and a weekly poker night on Wednesdays. Check it out – just don’t sit on the corner settee cos that’s mine! [more ]

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Spot Bar Shanghai Spot On View from the Spot Terrace
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