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Vasa Museum, Stockholm

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The Vasa Museum

This museum is all about the Vasa ship, designed to be the pride of the Swedish Navy, that was launched on 10 August 1628 in the Stockholm harbour, and then promptly sank a couple of hundred metres later, to the great embarrassment of all concernced. The ship then lay dormant for 333 years, before it was excavated, 95 per cent complete. And with a few skeletons of those on board too!
The museum is a fascinating place, which besides allowing visitors close-up access to the famous old ship - which is really spectacular by the way - also boasts a wide variety of additional displays, making use of video, computer games, scale models (the salvaging process was a particular highlight). The skeletons of those on board have been used to create extremely - frighteningly - life-like recreations. The history behind the design, construction, and reasons for its sinking, is fascinating, and has a nice moral lesson.
The museum boasts its own restaurant and shop - last-mentioned accepts a whole range of foreign notes, most helpfully also the Euro, but only gives change in Swedish Kronor.
All in all, a fascinating place where you can spend many hours. [more ]

The Stunning Vasa Museum

In the 17th century, Sweden was building it's fleet and the star shop was to be the Vasa warship. However, within 200 yards of the dock, on it's maiden voyage, the ship sank to the bottom of the harbor. It wasn't until the 1950s that the ship was brought into the air again. Given the conditions of the water, the ship was over 90% intact.

This is the only ship/museum like this in the world, and the museum was built around the ship itself. When you walk into the museum, you'll be overwhelmed by the size and grandeur of the great ship. There are 2 levels of guns, tall masts, ornate carvings, and beautiful craftsmanship. The wood is dark and weathered, but it's still very impressive.

Also part of the museum are displays and information about the lives of those on board and the time period in which the ship was built. It also looks at the possibilities of why the ship failed so spectacularly at it's intended purpose (staying afloat). The theory is that the ship was not balanced and there wasn't the proper ballast.

The museum is a must-see stop for anyone in Stockholm; it's truly a one of a kind experience. There are free 30 minute tours by guides, which can help with learning some of the secrets of the ship. There is also a free, brief, documentary film about the history and restoration of the ship. [more ]

Vasa Museum

The Vasa Museum (Vasamuseet in Swedish) is one of the best know and most popular tourist attraction in Sweden. The Vasa is a ship that was sunk in Stockhom harbour around the 17th century (like the Titanic, it was on the first journey) and it is now in one of the main halls in the Vasa Museum after it was raised from the harbour intact several years ago. You can see attractions like what an average day in the life on this ship was like in the 17th century. Another good things about this museum, is that it's in a really beautiful location on the island of Djugarden (spelling?). Cool... [more ]

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