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Las Ramblas, Barcelona

4.0 stars


Shopping, Food, and More

This pedestrian walk runs from the Plaza Catalunya to the Christopher Columbus monument at Port Vell. There are a number of great pubs, restaurants and shops along this route. There are also mimes, news kiosks, and people who dress up then pose like statues (these are amazingly deceptive if you haven't seen this before - they really look like statues!). You will find many nice shops just off the Rambla on some of the side streets. I really enjoyed the atmosphere here. There were so many people and yet it was a relaxing place to stroll at any time of the day or evening. [more ]

Las Ramblas - cool, calm and cosmopolitan

Originally just a path beside a stream that was running through the centre of the city, the name 'Las Ramblas' comes from the Arabic 'Riverbed'. Today Las Ramblas is a famous street wehere plenty of activities take place with lots of shops, restaurants, bars and hotels along the way. Las Ramblas runs from Placa de Catalunya, a main square at the centre of the city, through to the monument of Christopher Columbus at the harbour.

There are five sections to Las Ramblas and each part has it's own characteristics. 'La Rambla de Canaletes' was named after the fountain 'Font de les Canaletes' Drinking from this fountain is supposed to make the traveller keep returning to Barcelona, but I wouldn't bother trying this because although the water looks clean enough, you can never be sure what kind of nasties have been floating around in it!

Another area is called 'La Rambla dels Estudis', named after the Estudi General. It is more commonly known as 'La Rambla dels Ocells' (avenue of the birds) because here there are many birds and small animals being sold. I didn't like this at all - the animals are clearly not looked after properly and they sit in small cages all day out in the sunshine - exposed, hungry and in stress. Avoid buying birds, and opt for some flowers instead at 'La Rambla de les Flors'. There is also the old Boqueria Market here too, where meat, fish and dried fruits can be bought.

The best sections of Las Ramblas are 'La Rambla del centre' and 'La Rambla de Santa Monica' which leads you to the harbour. At the seafront is 'La Rambla de Mar' where there are some restaurants, cinemas and nightclubs, and of course the beach!

I liked how Las Ramblas was always busy, both in the day and night. There was always something to do or see, and it had a lovely cosmopolitan feel to it. Las Ramblas is often described as a really long street, but all in all it is not so long and walking from one end to the other would probably not take longer than 30 minutes. Plaça Catalunya at the one end is where you can find a tourist information office (underground!) and a department store. Here is also where the Passeig de Graçia begins - the main shopping street. it is also a great place to catch a cheap shuttle bus to and from the airport. [more ]

Lively and fun

If you want to see a lot of people in Barcelona, be sure to hit Las Ramblas. Not only is the Rambla a great street for shopping, eating and people-watching, but if you want to meet people, especially other tourists, you should hit it up.

I'm usually against heading to streets or neighborhoods that attract tourists outright, like Times Square in New York or the Champs Elysées in Paris, but in Barcelona, it's totally worth it. Yes, you are met with the hiked-up prices you should expect from an area devoted to tourists (beers on the terrace can be more than ten euros... although you ARE getting a whole liter of beer). But in my humble opinion, it's worth it to fork over the extra cash for the experience of wandering this famous avenue late at night, when there are still tons of people, Spaniards and tourists alike, gathered around for tapas, drinks, or just to watch the street performers in action.

As with all areas that attract large amounts of tourists, keep an eye on your purse, and beware of people who approach you on the street and try to sell you alcohol after the grocery stores have closed: they also sometimes attempt to peddle drugs or pick the pockets of an unassuming tourist. [more ]

La Rambla

La Rambla is the Famous long central pedestrian street of Barcelona starting from Placa Catalunya and finishing by the monument of Columbus, featuring many shops, crowds of people at all times of day and year and where you can buy really everything. It is the heart of the city, the place where people meet, where everybody goes for a walk, where the atmosphere can be best felt. On both sides of the boulevard there are high trees so even in July and August there is a shadow on the street so that one can walk without much worrying about the heat. [more ]

Left on to Les Ramblas

Les Ramblas is well populated with attractions and the attracted. Looking at a map of Barcelona it is clear that this strip is not only longer than a Long Island ice tea but it is also wider than three trucks. It is in fact made up of several different 'Rambla' streets and therefore called the plural Les Ramblas.
Allow a few hours to explore the strip beginning at Plaça Catalunya. This lovely little square crammed with a maze of fountains and statues, is frequently flooded with birds (feathered). Once you've found the way out, wander down Les Ramblas past the well dressed shop windows and if you haven't been robbed yet you may be able to afford something small here. Further down, the street narrows to traffic and widens for pedestrians. A strip in the middle is reserved for tourists to wander passed a guard of honor formed by postcards, pets, paintings and almost anything souvenirable. Part of the walkway was designed by the Spanish artist Miro. Keep an eye out for a circular tiled artwork under you. While you're staring at the ground do watch your wallet especially if you look or act touristy (big map, travel shoes, with anything from a hiking shop). Les Ramblas is a cosmopolitan street and there many are opportunities to be stripped of everything you have. To either side of the street there are many little shops and cafes, you may recognise some of the more distinguishable colour-branded joints among them. The smaller, local restaurants look to have reasonable prices but always check the price of what's recommended verbally as it can be a suprise. If you're only after a quick nibble, grab some fruit, cheese or meat from the La Boqueria street market on the right. Wander to the middle of the stalls for purchases as we found the front seem to overcharge. Back on the beat, Port Vell at the end of the street hosts the pointy monument to the pointy Christopher Columbus. Give a few Euro and you can go up him and look out. The view is great on a clear day. Port Vell is also kind enough to nurse a wonderful selection of yachts and boats which makes for a very picturesque scene for the end of the walk. [more ]

Las Ramblas

I was twice in Barcelona and I enjoyed “las ramblas” in different times of the season and the day. Las ramblas is the most known street in Barcelona and its about 1,5 km long. Las Ramblas begins in “Plaza Cataluña” and continues until “Mirador Colón” located right in front of Barcelona harbor. Definitely “las ramblas” is a must see. We took the street in order to have a better orientation of the city. I especially like “las ramblas” during a sunny day than at night. At night its nice to go to a particular restaurant and stay there. During the night there are red spots where the prostitutes are and the environment is not nice especially if you travel with family. In the walk through “las ramblas” we visited the “Canalete Fountain”. There is a famous saying: “if you drink from this mountain you will be back in Barcelona”. What would we do without this kind of stories in every touristy place? Well, I did not drink from the fountain and eight months later I was back in Barcelona. There are also interesting places like the Mosaic de Miró, El Liceu, el Palau Guëll de Gandi. [more ]

La Rambla

La Rambla is the another focal point of Barcelona and it should not be missed. The word La rambla comes from Arabic word remla which means a river bed and this is what used to be here before. In 13th century there were churches and monasteries built on all sides of La Rambla however they have closed in 1830s. It is the central place to be in all honestly. Whether you fancy some food, or you just want to walk around to enjoy the atmosphere during daytime or nighttime or you fancy some shopping, you can find it all here. There are some sights of note that you should pay attention too, however for me Barcelona begins and ends on La Rambla. [more ]

La rambla

La Rambla is one of the main streets in Barcelona. Here you can find many shops including souveniers, pet stores and clothing. My favourite part about this street is the live street performances. Here you can see everything from Michael Jackson impersonations to dancing. Be careful when standing in a large group when watching a street performance. When you aren´t focused on paying attention to your things, there has been many reports of stolen items on La Rambla. I like to keep two wallets. One wallet that has just a few dollars in it that I can use to buy some items and another wallet hidden under my shirt with a special band, that has all of my important valuables in it. This way if they steal the small change wallet, it isn´t going to ruin your trip.

Be sure to check out the Boqueria Market while walking in La Rambla. This market features fresh food, vegetables, fish and fruits, as well as a wide selection of meat. Even if you aren´t planning to buy anything, I would suggest walking through to see the variety of food that Barcelona has to offer.

At the end of La Rambla is the public beach as well as a statue of Christopher Columbus. One thing I noticed is that the statue is pointing the wrong way. He is not pointing out towards the west, rather in the wrong direction. When at the public beach, I would advise not to sit out on the beach after dark. When I was there, I fell asleep on the beach and had all of my money stolen. I barely made it back to my hostel. Luckily I still had 3 euros stashed in my pocket. [more ]

La Rambla, Barcelona

La Rambla, or Las Ramblas, is a popular and busy pedestrian street in the center of Barcelona. Beautiful trees line the long, wide street. There are street performers and mimes, many in elaborate costumes. For a euro (no official charge, but it's encouraged to donate something for a personal photo), my friend and I each had our picture taken with 2 angels, completely covered in silver. In return, they handed us small star charms. The stars were cheap beads, but it was a fun little memento for the trip.

There are also loads of stalls and vendors selling tourist trinkets, flowers, and newspapers along with all sorts of "regular" stores. Not worth missing is the Mercat de la Boqueria. It is a large market on Las Ramblas selling all kinds of food from vegetables to fresh meat along with prepared food and tourist paraphernalia.

There is a large, colourful Miró mosaic on the street near the Liceu Theatre. At the southernmost end of the street is the Monument a Colum - a tribute to Columbus. Along the street are a variety of historic buildings, many very colourful and featuring distinctive architecture. There are also many cafes and restaurants, but they can be quite expensive. Walking along a side street off Las Ramblas, it's easy to find somewhere cheaper with better service serving food and drinks of the same quality.

At night, the southern end of the street is the red-light district which isn't particularly obvious during the day, but I imagine is a different place at night.

The area can get crowded and tourists can get targeted for pickpockets. We didn't have any trouble though - not having much money. Though we kept an eye on each other's bags as we walked along particularly if we stopped to watch any of the street performers. [more ]

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