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Old Chang Kee, Singapore City

5.0 stars


Best fried snack ever!

Sometimes I'd crave for old chang kee and I opt for fried food from Old Chang kee than a main course or having to sit down and eat. I wish there'sold chang kee at every MRT station or the foodplace at each stations. They are not the healthiest food to eat. But they are the best finger food that is sold hot or warm, cheap, tasty and crispy. Love oily food! [more ]

Old Chang Kee -- Delicious Local Snacks on the Go

My family in Indonesia has a jargon: They haven’t visited Singapore if they haven’t had Old Chang Kee. Old Chang Kee is a franchise chain of on-the-go food hawkers, and is quite popular in Singapore.

The bright yellow stalls of Old Chang Kee sell little fried snacks, which I think best describe as “fried dim sum”. This type of snack is actually quite popular in Singapore, and Old Chang Kee is the modernized version. They have a variety of nuggets poked on a stick (a skewer made from bamboo), like Chicken Nuggets, Fish Ball, Crab Nuggets, Bearded Shrimp, Squid (sotong as they call it), all with the name ‘On-a-Stick’. Aside from these delicious babies, their other specialty is the Curry Puff. My favorite is definitely the Chicken Wrap On-a-Stick and Fish Balls.

They’re also quite cheap; with prices starting from S$1.20 per stick/piece (I think S$1.60 is the most expensive, but I’m not sure). Don’t know about you, but for me, having 3 or 4 sticks of these yummy babies for lunch or dinner is more than filling.

Old Chang Kee stalls are available throughout Singapore—believe me, you can literally find them at every shopping centre there is. Just look for the bright yellow sign, and don’t refrain yourselves from falling in love with these snacks. Watch out for lunch times or after-office hours though, as the queue can be frustrating. [more ]

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