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One Royal Circus, Edinburgh

5.0 stars


A Home Away from Home in Central Edinburgh

One Royal Circus is a cozy and beautiful B&B in Edinburgh’s New Town. Only a five to ten minute walk from Princes Street, it’s well situated. While it is a bit pricey (£138-£260), if what you want is a night or two of pampering, this is the place to go. A converted row house, this four story house has been lovingly restored and well-cared-for. Outside there are no signs indicating that it is a business, an aspect which is probably appreciated by some of its patrons, including J.K. Rowling. The ground floor boasts a kitchen, where your breakfast is cooked and eaten, as well as a well-supplied library and billiard table. On the first floor is the bar area (all drinks are complimentary and self-service, so feel free to grab a bottle of whatever and go back to your room) and lounge, which includes a piano, tv, stereo and couches. The rooms themselves are spacious and comfortable, all with a tv, dvd player and stereo for personal use. There are only 5 rooms, so you will have a great deal of privacy and in the low season may even have the place to yourself (we did!) All of this together combines to create a truly memorable stay in Edinburgh. [more ]

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One Royal Circus Edinburgh Stairs at One Royal Circus Bar and Lounge at One Royal Circus
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