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Loch Ness, Inverness

4.0 stars


Mysterious Loch Ness: Legend and Love

After a long bus ride up to Inverness from Sterling, friends Matt, Brad, and I decided to try out our sea legs, or loch legs so to speak. We found a reasonable tour boat through Jacobite and left shore on our very own Loch Ness adventure. Little did I know I would find true love, however short-lived, from the most unexpected place.

We departed from shore and the tour began. We were set to cruise a few miles of Loch Ness en route to Urquhart Castle where our tour would finish up. I was beside myself with excitement. The mystique and mystery of the loch has always captured my imagination. Ever since I was young I've been in love with dinosaurs and the idea that a real life prehistoric monster of legend and lore could possibly be hidden beneath the murky surface of Loch Ness. The almost romantic love affair that the general world public has with Nessie is what drew me and virtually everyone else to this place.

I earnestly watched the ripples on the surface of the water, not necessarily believing, but having fun letting my imagination run lucid with the idea that I might actually see something, some sort of evidence of Nessie. After about twenty minutes on the boat, the rest of the tourists lost interest in the water and the shoreline and went about their conversations. Matt found the bar in the cabin and fraternized with a few girls we met on shore. Brad, fighting illness and hangover since he landed in Scotland, struggled with the lack of land beneath his feet and also headed below deck. But I continued to study the water and landscapes, enjoying the places my imagination was taking me...

Then I saw something shadowy under the surface, moving along with the boat, and darker than the water. All logical explanations escaped me as an elongated neck extended towards the boat and two deep, dark eyes stared back into mine. I was too afraid to look around and see if anyone else was seeing this; too scared that the most beautiful creature in the world would just as quickly be gone as she appeared, or worse, be just another fabrication of my mind's eye. When Nessie spoke to me, her voice was as cool and sweet as the breeze on the loch, and she invited me to join her under the waves. With a fracture in my heart, I told her it would never work, we could never be, and she slipped below and back into the murky depths of mystery and myth...

Matt’s voice woke me from my dream, “Dude, I found a bar down below! You want a beer?” I took one last glance down at the water and smiled. “Yeah. And where are those girls from?”

"If we could see the many waves
that flow through clouds and sunken caves
She'd sense at least the words that sought her
on the winds of the underwater" ~Tom Marshall [more ]

Loch Ness Day Trip

The loop around the loch is the best way to appreciate Loch Ness. If you have at least 4 hours and a car, start from Inverness and drive around the south side of the lake. You can stop off at Foyer’s Falls for a brief viewing, or for a longer hike down to the shore of the loch. The journey around the southern tip takes you over the ridge and through the highland scenery. As you come through Fort William, there is an array of pubs and cafes where you can stop for a pub lunch, a sandwich, or a pint. As you journey around the north side, you’ll come across more traffic as you near Urquhart Castle. The castle itself is well worth a visit, though at this point you’ll have to brave the crowds. As you leave Urquhart you’ll pass through Drumnadrochit, where you’ll find the Loch Ness Monster Exhibit and the Loch Ness Visitor Centre. You can also get another pint at one of the pubs here; you might want to do that before you hit the Loch Ness Monster Exhibit, as the beer will add to the experience. After this you’re only twenty minutes from Inverness. If it’s a fine day, you can pull off at one of the viewing areas near the tip of the loch and get some great photos down the loch with Urquhart in the foreground. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch this view at sunset, the perfect end to a day at Loch Ness. [more ]

Loch Ness

I had always wanted to visit Loch Ness and of course indulge in a spot of Nessy hunting! Loch Ness is a huge loch and is truly spectacular. If you sit up at the end by the Monastery it looks as if the loch coninues on into infinity. It is absolutely beautiful. The Loch Ness tourism site of course details many of the sitings of the elusive Loch Ness Monster. And although I didn't see it, I could almost imagine that she was there lurking beneath the waters, the stories have a strong effect and the whole area seems somewhat mystical.
You can purchase plenty of Loch Ness Monster goodies all around, and the locals are ever so friendly. All of them happy to tell you their life stories. In one petrol station local to Loch Ness the woman at the counter told me the tragic life story of the poor fella who had just left before I came in. It was bizarre, but at the same time lovely that the locals embrace the tourists as friends.
Loch Ness is definately a wondrous place, you must visit! [more ]

Loch Ness

It was not until my trip to Scotland was almost over that I finally decided to see what all the hype was about, and made my way toward Loch Ness. What separates Loch Ness from the rest of Scotland? Mostly tales and lore, but there are a few things about this renowned spot that stand out from the common tales we have all heard. Sure, pulling up to the edge of the Loch to get out and walk around, I wanted to see if I could catch a glimpse of the legendary monster, but I did not want to waste the day staring at the water, as I am sure many visitors do, so I began to wander around the loch until I reached its ancient ruins, which really are a sight to behold. Well, at first they just looked like some ripped apart pieces of castle, and I was not very interested in them, getting ready to focus instead on the cloudy water before me. Luckily there are some strategically spaced signs, and I soon found out that the ruins around Loch Ness are some of the oldest castles in Scottish history, which go back thousands of years. The sudden knowledge that I could walk around inside living history that had its own legends and touch rock that had been man-made so very long ago made me tingle inside much more than stories about a big blue beast ever could. Standing in these ruins, I learned that there were more ruins surrounding other parts of this loch and those nearby, and my adventurer’s spirit was immediately set aflame. The hiking trails around the loch are a bit buggy and uncomfortable, of course, but they are also surprisingly less touristy than I had thought they would be. Apparently, visitors stick to the central loch, Ness, and then leave. While this may be typical behavior, however, I love exploring the areas around the famed monuments, for it is their connection to the famous spot that brought about said eminence in the first place. So I DO recommend you visit Loch Ness, but I also recommend traveling around the nearby lochs as well, and ask questions to the locals. You’ll be glad you did, because people in Scotland are fairly relaxed, and can be ready to tell some amazing stories to friendly people. [more ]

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