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Ness Islands, Inverness

5.0 stars


Peace and Quiet in the Heart of Inverness

The Ness Islands are a network of islands in the middle of the River Ness, just west of Inverness city centre. This is a very popular spot with the locals, for running, fishing, walking dogs, and just enjoying the outdoors. I always take a few minutes to walk around the Ness Islands whenever I’m in Inverness. You can reach them from either bank of the river, and they are connected by a series of foot bridges. Each island has a network of paths and a variety of seating areas, including a small amphitheatre on the biggest island. If the weather is fine, this is a perfect place for a picnic lunch, although no alcohol is permitted on the islands. It’s also a good place to meet the locals, who are generally quite friendly and willing to offer advice on what to see and do in Inverness. [more ]

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Ness Islands Inverness Winter in Ness Islands Inverness Scotland
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