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BCM Nightclub, Palma de Mallorca

3.0 stars


BCM Nightclub, Magaluf: Home of Europe's Largest Foam Party

The BCM nightclub in Magaluf, Mallorca is one of the biggest single clubs in Europe, and dominates the scene in the vibrant nightlife of the Spanish town.

Each night the club charges around 20 Euros and lets you drink as much as you want of anything that you want, though the alcohol seems to be watered down somewhat. This ticket also allows you into the two smaller clubs that are open earlier in the night.

There is a variety of music on offer in the different rooms, and each night the club gives everybody free gifts which they can dress up in.

One problem with BCM is that, as everybody in Magaluf seems to flock there, the smaller clubs around are often quite empty, so a week's holiday does not have as much variety as one might hope. [more ]

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