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Schanzenviertel, Hamburg

4.0 stars


Open-air shopping

The Schanze fleamarket is open Saturdays from 8am to 4 pm and it's great fun, even if you don't plan to buy anything at all. On the premises of an former slaughterhouse professional fleamarket dealers sell furniture and books and amateurs sell whatever they don't want on their own shelves anymore. You can get useless knick-knack or long-forgotten records, about good stuff and complete trash at a rough half and half ratio. If you get hungry from searching through piles of Playmobil figures try Manuel's, a Portuguese street vendor selling delicious Mediterranean soups as well as Currywurst at a really good rate. A huge portion of fries is €1.5. Subway: U3 Feldstrasse. [more ]


Every city has a district that is loud, punky, international and chilled. In Hamburg that´s Schanzenviertel or Sternschanze. The average inhabitant is young, creative and laid-back and possibly with a migration background. By day you want to come here for the shopping (anything from avocados to clothes to glass beads and other knick-knack), by night you don´t want to miss all the fun in various bars and pubs. If you´re in Hamburg on a summer night you HAVE to go to Susannenstr/Schulterblatt opposite the Flora, a former theater gone leftist information center. All the pubs have their tables out and people are having a fantastic time. [more ]

Presse - drinks and more

In the heart of the Schanzenviertel this little place is a mixture of bar, pub and bistro. For lunch they serve sandwiches, pasta and pizza, at night cocktails and beer and for breakfast coffee latte with croissants. In summer there is limited outdoor seating, on a Friday or Saturday night you might have to wait a little for a table. The drinks are good and extremely affordable (Mojitos for €5), the White Lady is excellent and the waitresses are friendly. Susannenstr., SBahn/UBahn Sternschanze. [more ]

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