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Daddy O's, Monterrey

5.0 stars


Nightclub: Daddy O's

If you have visited Cancun already, you will surely have been to the Daddy O's It think it's one of the most famous discos there and it's also very expensive, in my opinion. I don't really like such crowded places, but I was there with some friends who were visiting Cancun for the first time, and they really insisted that we went there. As expected, the place was packed with tourists, who were enjoying themselves. There were some Mexicans there too, but not as many as the tourists. I must admit that the club has a great atmosphere and one can really enjoy going there. They party till dawn and the music is usually techno and house, which I do like to some extent. So, I ended up having a great time, but spending a lot. [more ]

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1. Cuauhtemoc Brewery 0.00 mi
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