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Marketplace Outside El Djem, El Jem

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Shopping at the Coliseum

The small market to the side of El Djem is a mixture of tourist trap kitsch and quality craftsmanship. There are some very nice textiles and mosaics, provided you are prepared to pay a bit more. Bring your haggling skills, you’ll need them! There is one shop in particular where you can watch mosaics being made, and even try your hand at doing it yourself. I didn’t buy a mosaic here, I bought one in Sidi Bou Said, and I actually regretted not paying more for one of higher quality. If you’re interested in a mosaic as a souvenir, and especially if you’ve seen the amazing specimens at the Bardo, then it’s worth paying a bit extra for one of the gorgeous works of art you’ll see at El Djem. [more ]

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Marketplace Outside El Djem El Jem
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