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Star Wars Museum/Hotel, Matmata

3.0 stars


Especially for the Star Wars Fan

We also saw one of the sets for the first Star Wars film, inspired by the cave dwellings near Matmata, which is now a bar and hotel. You can stay here, although the price is steep by comparison and you’ll be surrounded by busloads of tourists. The hotel is extensive, with a network of cave-like rooms surrounding a variety of circular courtyards dug into the ground. If you’re a big fan of the Star Wars films, then this will probably be a memorable experience worth braving the crowds for, although it might ruin some of the magic of Hollywood to see the sets beginning to disintegrate. However if, like me, you are indifferent to the films, it’s probably not worth your time. [more ]

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Star Wars Museum/Hotel Matmata Star Wars Hotel from Above Inside the Star Wars Hotel
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