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Roman Ruins at Sbeitla

5.0 stars


Amazing Roman Ruins

We had a good lunch, sand-free, and witnessed the sad sight of a camel’s head hanging in a butcher shop before we got back into the car for our journey to Sbeitla, which is another Roman ruin site from the same era as El Djem. After leaving Douz and driving through the salt flats, we got to Sbeitla around 4pm. The site itself was amazing: a huge temple stood in the centre, surrounded by the ruins of a large city, several smaller temples, an amphitheatre, and beautiful gardens. The centre of the country is green, with rolling hills covered in olive groves. Apparently Tunisia was the breadbasket of the Roman Empire for 150 years, which is why there are still so many amazing Roman ruins scattered around the country. I have to admit that I hadn’t expected the Tunisian countryside to be so beautiful. The ruins at Sbeitla were made out of the same yellow stone as the Coliseum at El Djem, which made for great pictures against the blue sky. We also saw several Christian churches which had been built over the ruins at a later date, with particularly impressive mosaics and baptismals. The site itself is huge, and you could easily spend several hours here wandering around and taking pictures, if you have the time. We stopped at a roadside BBQ café (where they slaughter their own sheep and goats while you wait; not for the faint of heart!) for dinner and arrived back in Tunis late that night, having seen most of the country in only 3 days. [more ]

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