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Ghirardelli Square, San Francisco

4.0 stars


Best sundaes in the world

Now, I'm going to be frank: the last time I was in Ghirardelli Square I was twelve years old. That said, the sundaes offered at the sundae shop in Ghirardelli Square are the most incredible combinations of ice cream, chocolate fudge, and other amazingness I've ever had.

I distinctly remember ordering something called the Gold Rush, which was just an amalgamation of sweet and more sweet. It had butterscotch and chocolate with vanilla ice cream and it was incredible.

Other than that, of course, is the chocolate. You can buy any variation of Ghirardelli you've ever wanted in the square, although I will admit that some of the more normal forms are a bit more expensive. They do have some variations (sizes mostly) that you can't get anywhere else, so if you have someone back home who's very into chocolate, you should pick some up.

I'd imagine, nine years later, that Ghirardelli wouldn't be quite the fairyland it was the first time I went, but I'd still go back, and if you have kids, you MUST bring them and let them order a sundae, even if they are sugar-high for the rest of the afternoon. [more ]

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