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Open House, London

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Open House

Open House is a project where the public are invited to view hundreds of different buildings ranging from modern to medieval so that they may grasp a better understanding of the environment and the art of beautiful architecture. Architects who attend one of the visits are encouraged to "adopt a school" so that they may keep up with its maintenence over the years. Personally, I think this is a great idea and I would strongly encourage everyone to visit. [more ]

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1. Breakfast at the Hotel of London 0.00 mi
2. The Sumner 0.00 mi
3. Ramada Hotel & Suites London Docklands 0.00 mi
4. GuestHouse West 0.00 mi
5. London Elizabeth Hotel 0.00 mi
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1. Postman's Park 0.00 mi
2. Shakespeare's Globe Theatre 0.00 mi
3. Moore's Traditional Museum 0.00 mi
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1. Appolina Greek 0.00 mi
2. Pizza Express 0.00 mi
3. Gourmet Burguer Kitchen 0.00 mi
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