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Eccolo, Berkeley

5.0 stars


Eccolo, Berkeley

Eccolo is like a Tuscan estate nestled on Berkeley's bustling Fourth Street (1820 Fourth, to be exact, just down the street from Cafe Rouge). Its warm ochre/yellow interior with light pouring in and white-washed terrazzo with dining al fresco underneath the shade of an umbrella is a soothing urban oasis.

And there's some great Italian food to boot. If you're lucky enough to be there when it's a special on the menu, dive for the warm Marin French brie sandwich with fig preserves, walnuts and m√Ęche. At $14.00, it may seem a little overpriced, but it's heaven between two pieces of bread. Their entree salads are light yet filling with only the best fruits and vegetables from the local area. Or, go for one of their mouth-watering burgers with a side of Tuscan fries and Roman-style greens with garlic, lemon and new olive oil. There is also a kid's menu, an impressive wine list, and some great desserts. This is definitely a splurge, but one that you'll remember twenty years down the road. [more ]

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