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Confederate Books, Quito

4.0 stars


Good Selection, But Pricey

Confederate Books had the best selection of books in English that I could find in Quito while living there last semester. However, it was pretty pricey. I bought a book that wasn't in the best shape (it had been written on on the inside cover) and soon realized I paid as much as the book originally cost. I was pretty disappointed. But the selection was so good and rare for Quito that I returned anyway. [more ]

Confederate Books

It’s tough finding a bookstore while travelling that sells books in English. In Quito, the place to go is Confederate Books. Just a block off of Amazonas at the corner of Juan Leon Mera and Jose Calama, this is a treasure trove of good books at reasonable prices. The proprietor, Tommy, is a great guy who will always offer help, whether it’s with books or something else (he let me make a long distance phone call from his shop once when I had to call my bank back in the States). He buys as well as sells books, though most of his stock is shipped over from the US (which is why his prices, though good, are not great). If your looking to trade in a book or find something new, give it a look. Opening hours are 9am to 8pm Monday to Saturday. He also has a small selection of books in Spanish, German and French. [more ]

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