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The Queen's Gallery, London

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The Queen's Gallery

The history of the Queen's Gallery is quite a tale, having been placed in a reconstructed chapel that had been previously bombed by the German military in the 1940's, I do believe. As for the gallery itself, it is indeed beautiful in each and every way imaginable. Brilliant bold colours, golden and marble accents, high ceilings and magnificent paintings and antique furniture are to be found here along with priceless enamels and jewelery. I was in awe the first time I saw it, to be completely honest... it's a must-see! [more ]

The Queen's Gallery at the Royal Palace

The Queen's Gallery at the Royal Palace is a gallery that exhibits the works from the Royal Collection and it changes continuously. You can see a number of paintings and other works of art that all part of the Royal collection. At the moment and all until Jan 20th you can see The art of Italy exhibition that features a number of painters mostly notably Carravagio. You can also see a small exhibition of Royal treasures that include a number of jewelry.

Opening hours are daily from 10:00am until 5:30pm and the price of admission is Ł8.00. [more ]

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