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Grappa's, Makati

5.0 stars


Guzzle Your Way to Grappa's

Those who are familiar with Grappa’s would know that some things should be taken into moderation; however, I'm not so sure if some could actually resist not making Grappa's their regular routine. Located in the Greenbelt mall in Makati, Grappa's fine dining is popular to groups raring to explore their European tastes to another level; of course, the main cuisines are Italian and there is a bar area for the guests to enjoy their drinks. Although the place itself can be a bit intimidating for some, Grappa's is actually a good place to hang out in for some time, especially when the resto has promos like buffets. I don't mind the service and the meal prices as well -- the lovely meals are relatively reasonable and the service alright. [more ]

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