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Leslie's, Tagaytay

5.0 stars


Aside from Eating…

One best thing about Leslie’s is that you can’t simply leave the place after you have paid for your food unlike in other restaurants. In this resto, you can do more than just eating and enjoying the ambiance. Just do what my friends and I did. After eating and paying, we went to the resto’s sort of porch where people can sit around or take pictures. Leslie’s in Tagaytay has a second floor, but I tell you, the view from the top is still the same. So we settled in the lower ground and took lots and lots of pictures. You can even imagine that you are one of the contestants of America’s Next Top Model and have your friend take your best shots. Just make sure that while you take photos, you preserve the image of the resto in your mind. So that when you’re back in the city, you will surely miss dining in this wonderful, wonderful restaurant. [more ]

The Best Ambiance Ever

Most people go to Tagaytay just to witness the breathtaking view of the Taal Volcano, which is the smallest volcano in the Philippines. What if you can simply gaze at this panoramic view while you satisfy your hunger? Imagine a lake with a small volcano in the middle, surrounded by the lush greenery of the mountain. Feel the cold wind blowing your hair, and hear the birds chirp at their best. This is what I see, feel, and hear every time I’m in Leslie’s Restaurant. How cozy is that, huh? Aside from the view and atmosphere, you will also enjoy the look of the place. It is purely Filipino with the resto’s wooden chairs and tables, wall designs, bamboo everywhere, and the staff’s uniform. If there’s a purely Filipino restaurant that boasts everything about its features, then it is Leslie’s. [more ]

Leslie's Restaurant

If you’re in the Philippines and lost with your gastronomic craving in Tagaytay, there is only one place to go—Leslie’s Restaurant. With its full menu that consists of delectable delights, you will surely fill every empty space of your hungry stomach. Just like what my friends and I do every time we are in this beautiful province. What I like about this place most aside from the food is its service. Yeah, I admit that you need to be patient while waiting for your food here. But for sure, I have plenty of patience for one satisfying meal. Also, the staff is always welcoming regardless if you are a newcomer or a patron. In fact, they will never leave until they have found a comfortable place for you to sit in. So in case you don’t know any good place to eat in Tagaytay, just ask the locals where Leslie’s is located at. [more ]

Define Scrumptious

If you are like me who has lots of cravings, then this review is for you. Just sit back and relax while I take you to the most sumptuous world of Leslie’s. Every menu has lots of foods in its list, so how will you know what to order if you’re a newbie in this resto? That’s why I’m here, dear. The main pride of Leslie’s is its Filipino dishes. One favorite of mine is the Sinigang na Baboy. It’s a viand that consists of pork and green-leaf veggies. I like this meal because of its well-balanced sourness. No, the flavor is not because of the vinegar only. Leslie’s has a special recipe for this one delectable meal. Another favorite is the Kare-kare, which is a colorful and flavorsome meal. It has pork and veggies as well, and it is eaten with Bagoong—a salty processed sauce. Without Bagoong, the Kare-kare won’t be delicious. Aside from these two, Leslie’s also boasts of its seafood—crabs, fish, shrimp, etc. All food is ranging from 300Php above which is $7 only. [more ]

A Small Surprise for the Guests

How many times do you bump in a restaurant that offers not only mouth-watering food but also unlimited surprises? Based on my experience, this happens very rarely. That’s why I’m thankful that I have known the Leslie’s Restaurant. Aside from good food and service, this Filipino resto knows how to make its visitors feel warmly welcome. While you’re having the best gastronomic delights ever, a live band will come to your place and sing for you. You can request for a song as long as the band knows the lyrics and the chords. If you want more serenades, just call the waiter and tell him. Because of this feature, it’s best if you bring your partner and have her serenaded. Just imagine how romantic it would be! [more ]

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