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Berlin Main Station

4.0 stars


It’s not really a touristy thing but it’s worth seeing

There are so many wonderful things to see and do in Berlin I could go on for days about the city and all the options travelers have there. But considering it’s the third most visited city for tourism in the EU I’m sure other people have already covered the ground I would.

However, when I found myself at the New Berlin Hbf I was truly impressed, not only have the Germans perfected train stations but the building itself left me awestruck. The sheer magnitude of this structure is not match by anything similar I can think of in western Canada.
In a train station this big it was easy for me to miss my train – the only spot in Europe where I missed a train in fact. Of course, everything is so logically laid out I figure missing the train was more my fault. Between wandering around the building checking it out and buying a treat for the next train ride I under estimated the time it would take me to get to my platform. [more ]


The area around the main train station or Hauptbahnhof in Berlin is unique and deserves a visit in itself. If each U and S-bahn stop transports you to an area with a different flavor, the Hauptbahnhof could be characterized as a taste of urban isolation. But the isolation isn’t a sad and desolate place but rather a celebration of its strength to stand-alone. Makeshift tents of exhibitions and bars surround the train station. You can find the Spree River and a barren park in front of the Hauptbahnhof. Bus stops and space age kiosks make up the back section. Beach bars with canopy folding chairs and fake colorful palm trees line the Spree River. The parliamentary building in the background makes for an impressive backdrop. [more ]

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