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Cecile's Bermuda Country Restaurant, Las Piñas

5.0 stars


Very Disappointing

I have lived in Las Pinas for 6 years, and have just visited Ceciles restaurant for the first time.
Our order included sizzling sisig, Ceciles Chicken, crispy pata, lumpia, two beers, a buko shake and a ripe mango shake.
The beers were delivered almost immediately. The buko shake and the mango shake were ready and waiting on the counter, and even when the girl from the kitchen told the waiter that the drinks were ready, they were ignored. I finally left my table to collect the drinks myself.
The sisig was swimming literally in foaming fat, and when the meat product was finally retrieved, there was two table spoonsful - conservatively. It was greasy to eat, and it was necessary to clean the plates with tissue before other food could be placed on them.
The chicken and lumpia were delicious. The crispy pata on the other hand, although crispy on the outside, the actual meat was tough, dry, stringy, and our only recourse was to bring it home for the dog. The dog actually had difficulty in eating it.
For the food and service quality, yes the food was expensive - VERY.
We will never return again
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I like this place!

Cecile's Restaurant in Las Pinas is one of my favorite restaurants in Las Pinas. I have attended quite a few parties and weddings since we live close by. They were all good memories. The food is good and the staff very helpful. I disagree with one of the posts that the food is expensive. The price is actually decent and portions are enormous. They are famous for their patatim,crispy pata, pancit and chinese dishes. We usually order take out on weeknights since it is just outside BF Resort Village.

They have functions rooms with different themes. This is a perfect place for family reunions and parties. My brother had his wedding reception here a few years ago. We had a good time, food, ambience and staff were all great. [more ]

Cecile's Bermuda Country Restaurant

Located at the entry of BF Resort, the Cecile’s Restaurant is the only well-established restaurant in the village. It is like a two-star restaurant that is owned by the richest man in the city. Let’s not talk about politics here but about the restaurant itself.

Cecile’s Restaurant is famous for its big, big place. Aside from the restaurant which is located at the ground floor, Cecile’s also has other function rooms which are available for rent. Most people rent these rooms for baptismal, wedding, or birthday parties. Parking is not a problem here because it has a separate empty lot for a parking space, which is just across the restaurant.

Immense space, good food (but expensive), and accommodating staff—these are what Cecile’s Restaurant boasts of. And, you can experience these perks when you visit. [more ]

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