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WOX, The Hague

3.0 stars


This is the worst restaurant in The Hague ever!

If you want horrible service, tasteless food and little to nothing on your plate with ridicules prices this is your restaurant. Expect crap because it will be crap.

After receiving the lam dish of 29 euro (3 tiny pieces of lam wrapped around some lemongrass with nothing else) I had a remark to the staff about this dish but nothing happened, then telling the staff for the second time finally the chef came to the table and gave me an arrogant and disrespectful comment and left. I have never seen this kind of service in any restaurant. After this experience we left to never come again and will warn all our friends to never eat here.

My advice don’t go here but go to any other restaurant in The Hague they all will be better! [more ]


All I can say to WOX is "wow." This is THE place to go to when you're in the mood for a great atmosphere, great service and great, appealing food. The food options here are a bit different from what you would expect to find at a restaurant, but I was open for anything when I came here. I ended up eating "Gerookte aaltjes met lichte teriyaki saus en appelsjalot," which is, quite literally, smoked eels in teriyaki sauce and apple-shalot. It was my first time to ever eat eel before... and I absolutely loved it! Before I leave The Netherlands, I WILL be going back to WOX again! [more ]

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