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Font Bar, Manchester

4.0 stars


Stumbling to Font

We're all feeling a little wobbly by now, but manage to stumble round the corner to Font, a bar that serves good, cheap food and and bad, cheap cocktails. Despite their badness, I order one anyway - it's pretty difficult to get a Sea Breeze wrong and so mine was passable. There are good happy hour deals here during the day - 2 beers for 1, cheap wine, half price cocktails etc. The place is relaxed if a little dingy, and there are often goos DJ nights and live bands downstairs. Not on this occasion, however, as we were a little early for any of that. [more ]

Happy hour cocktails

This place has been kitted out for the younger crowd, with Pro Evo soccer available to play on a wide-screen projector for the people that want to drink rather than talk and long wooden tables cluttered with cut-price cocktails for those that do. Cocktails come at affordable prices (and several different colours) during happy hour, although sometimes it is hard to guess what is inside the glasses due to all the sugar. The decor is pretty clean behind floor-to-ceiling front windows, with plenty of places to sit on three, neatly tiered levels. It is a great place for a gas, grub and cheap drink, or simply to gawp at the strange mix of students from the indie crowd to the sports jocks and jockettes. [more ]

"Pro Evo Bar": Font Bar, Manchester

Font is perhaps best known amongst the local male student population as the "Pro Evo Bar" because of the corner that is dedicated to the Pro Evoluion Soccer computer game. This can be played for free all day and night and is a great place to meet a group of friends and hand them a good trouncing.

Font is always busy and has a friendly, lively atmosphere - even the bouncer is uncharacteristically friendly! The food is excellent and the huge range of £2 cocktails on offer must be tried. [more ]

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