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Sui Sha Ya, The Hague

3.0 stars


No go

Man, what a bad experience this was!
When seated we even did not get the traditional hot towel - I guess they just forgot, as other guests got them.

Owner and cooks are not Japanese and dont speak it either, nor did they learn cooking from Japanese pros - nor amateurs...while we`re at it.
We ordered the sushi Menu with 9 pieces of Sushi. Im just glad I did not order the super dooper special chef sushi menu for over 35€, as there was only one "sushi chef":
First it took him 45 Minutes to generate these two dishes (or 18 pieces...) - which the chef of my favorite restaurant manages to make in under 10 - and then you get a plate with stuff that resembles sushi, tastes like fish, but thats about it. They use parts of the fish which in a decent japanese restaurant would never be used. For cooking, maybe, never for sushi.

The restaurant decor is nice and looks Japanese - being the reason we even entered.

Take my advice: Dont go there. Overpriced, poor quality, tourist trap.

You want to eat good fish, go to the port, quite a lot of excelent restaruants with good prices almost no tourists.
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Sui Sha Ya

Sui Sha Ya is a beautiful modern restaurant where everyone is seated around a giant Teppan Yaki table and the chefs cook there right in front of you, similar to Crazy Hibachi in America. Their menu is rather long, if you ask me, and I opted for a mixture platter of Tempura and rice. The menu is in both Dutch and English, which is a plus for foreigners like me, and the place itself is open as late as 11 pm at night! Overall, it's a great place! [more ]

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