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Mahogany Market, Tagaytay

3.0 stars


How to Get there

Located along the road going to Batangas, Mahogany Market is accessible through jeeps with route passing by "NBI Tagaytay" or all buses going to Alfonso, Mendez, Cavite, Nasugbu, and Balayan, Batangas. Just tell the jeep or the bus driver to drop you off at Mahogany and that's it.

For those going there on their own vehicles: from Tagaytay Rotonda or junction, just go straight to the road going to Batangas. When you reach the Petron gasoline station, take the road going right and look for the Hall of Justice building which is also located at the right side of the road. Mahogany Market is at the back of that building. From there, all you have to do is choose which stall to eat at and enjoy.

A parting note from someone who has been to the place a lot of times already: you haven’t been to Tagaytay unless you’ve tasted the “bulalo” in the Mahogany Market. Take my word for it. [more ]

For Thrifty Travelers

Unlike eating in a restaurant or even in just a fastfood chain wherein one will have to shell out at least 100.00Php per person to have a decent meal, eating in Mahogany Market saves you a lot of cash. At a uniformed price of 250.00Php per serving, a bowl of bulalo can already serve 5-6 persons. Of course, the amount does not include rice which costs 5.00Php only per cup. Aside from “bulalo,” the food stalls also serve a myriad of Filipino dishes like liempo, lechon kawali, laing, adobo, and menudo to name a few--which are also at very affordable prices. Whenever I and my family eat out, our meal would normally cost around 300.00Php – 500.00Php depending on how many we are (the maximum being 9 persons.) But in Mahogany, we only spend as low as 500Php. Now, where else can you find a meal for 9 people for such a cheap price? Not to mention the fact that you’re eating in a mountain range ambiance and a lakeside view, visiting Mahogany Market is truly a must-try. [more ]

Mahogany Market

Visiting Tagaytay and tired of eating in the same old restaurant and fast food chains? Why not try visiting the food stalls at Mahogany Market which is just a few minutes away from the city proper? Slowly becoming popular to both local and foreign tourists, the Mahogany Market is known for its “bulalo” (a concoction of beef and beef stock with a healthy serving of veggies) which is not quite ordinary. Made from fresh beef straight from the market’s daily produce, Mahogany’s “bulalo” has a distinctive flavor that makes anyone who tastes it crave for more. This is just one reason why the place is jampacked with travelers and local residents almost every day of the week. [more ]

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