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Dong Fang Hong, Aachen

5.0 stars


Dong Fang Hong, all you can eat great Chinese food

When my Hongkongnese friend, William celebrated his birthday, we didn’t know where to go. William was longing for Chinese and Cantonese food. Then my other friend, Tong suggested to go to Dong Fang Hong (東方紅). It is a very new restaurant, located in the city center. If you like to try small portion of Chinese food, but in different varieties, then Dong Fang Hong is the right place to go.

All-you-can-eat dish costs 10.90 Euro excluding drinks, and you can try all kinds of the dishes. The only reason that makes me go back to eat there is because they don’t use MSG (monosodium glutamate) which a lot of Asian / Chinese restaurants use in Germany, and also they cook the food fresh. They always change the dishes and cook new ones. If you go there, I’d recommend you to try the sweet sour chicken, fried cod fish, spicy stir fried chicken, and the half prawns. They are really great! [more ]

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