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Manolos, Vienna

5.0 stars


The finest Latin Tequilas

I'm no big fan of fact, it's usually my last choice in the list of preferred alcoholic drinks...however, little did I know that there are over 300 different varieties of Tequila -- some which I actually like -- and which you can try at Manolos.

In addition to the ginormous selection of Tequila, this restaurant/bar/tequileria is a very hip place to be on Saturday nights. You won't find the teeny boppers here, but a swanky crowd of 30-something's out to have a bit of sophisticated fun.

Last night they had a fantastic DJ who played everything from 80's and 90's hits to salsa to reggaeton to hip hop tracks. The DJ is a part of Manolos Saturday night Latin Music Room, to which entrance is free and select cocktails on special for 5,50 Euros.

We also got up on the dance floor shaking our hips to the hot Latin vibes, sampled the chips and dips (which I highly recommend!), and got a nice show by watching the bar tenders get their groove on -- who, by the way, are also super friendly, easy-going, and...well...easy on the eyes! [more ]

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1. Kolar 1.39 mi
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