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Cafecito Fresh, Randwick

2.0 stars


You get what you pay for

For a while, I had been walking past a sign advertising breakfast from $4.90 (most of the cafes in the area will charge approx. $8 for two eggs and toast), but the cafe was not close to my house so I had not had a chance to try it.

Yesterday, my toddler was a bit unsettled, so I took him for a walk first thing in the morning. By the time we got to the cafe, my son was happy and I was hungry, so we stopped by Cafecito, but it was closed. I thought that maybe it was before 8 am (that was when the sign said they were meant to open), but then I looked at my watch and no, it wasn’t.

Eventually, they opened and I ordered scrambled eggs on toast. While I was waiting, I observed the staff trying to scrape the burnt bits off someone’s toast and I hoped mine was not going to come out like that or I would have to send it back. I hate to be difficult at cafes and restaurants, but more importantly, I can’t feed my toddler with burnt toast. Surely enough, my toast was burnt, but at least only on one side, so I gave my son the non-burnt part. The eggs looked very unattractive, but they tasted ok. Well, I got what I paid for. I don’t think I will be hunting for a good breakfast deal next time. [more ]

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