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Connaught Place, New Delhi

4.0 stars


Connaught Place

If you have been traveling around Asia for quite a while and you fancy a quick break from rice and noodles, then CONNAUGHT PLACE, in the centre of town, is perfect for a quick western fix. It has the usual KFC and other fast food establishments as well as continental restaurants and book shops with English magazines and literature.

It is also full of camera shops so it's a good (quick) place to upload your piccies to disc or to get them developed.

CONNAUGHT PLACE is clearly marked as a stop on the Metro system and the station is in the middle of the shopping district. [more ]

Stories at Connaught Place

On my last trip to the city I took the metro to get around and realized just how organized New Delhi really is. Connaught Place is almost like the circular heart from which concentric circles and veins spread out into the city.
It looked like a good place for shopping and eating out, and of late, with the elaborate landscaping, just an evening saunter. Inner Connaught Place seemed to have all the big brand shops, restaurants, snazzy bars and cafes. But it’s possible you’ll find anything you want around there. The last time I went I picked up dry fruits, made a visit to a bakery, bought a book and had a cocktail at a fancy bar. A strange man selling a suspicious home remedy ear cleaner convinced me to try a sample. [more ]

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