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Wombat Hostel, Vienna

4.0 stars


Wombats Hostel: The Lounge

I made the silly mistake of booking my bed at the last minute on a public holiday weekend. This was the only place with availability, so I was pleasantly surprised at its quality and value-for-money. I was in the ‘Pink Wing’, or the female-only part of the hostel, which was clean, spacious and comfortable. The en-suite bathroom had a brilliant shower and the locker system was very safe. Considering the size of this establishment, it has managed to maintain a friendly atmosphere and is clean without being too sterile. The bar downstairs is great for cheap cocktails and meeting people- even the staff were getting merry together the night I was there. [more ]

Wombat Hostel

Vienna is a fabulous city with a very rich cultural history and the place is a great pleasure to visit. Unfortunately for a large city the hostelling options are rather limited. Here in the eastern edge of Austria, the traveler will not find the large choice of hostels that one might find in Berlin or Copenhagen. Still the Wombat, which is an Australian enterprise (I think), is a pretty good choice. It has bunk rooms which come with about a half a dozen bunk beds and the rooms come suppied with lockers and are usually kept very clean. There is a popular bar in the basement, which features very loud music and is often filled with a young English-speaking crowd. The food is so-so, but you are in beautiful Vienna, so you will want to go out and sample the local cuisine anyhow. This place definitely is booked full around Octoberfest, and perhaps the summer as well, but since I have visited only in the fall, I'm not sure about that. It is conveniently located near the west train station, so all in all it is a pretty good option for Vienna. [more ]

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