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Andersen Hüs, Risum-Lindholm

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The oldness of Andersen Hüs (Andersen House)

Andersen Hüs (Hues) is a very old house located in northern Germany, in the area of Niebuell in Lindholm. When I went there last year, it was too late, so I couldn’t see much. But I find that the house is very interesting, you can smell that it is so old. It contains some rooms inside, and it shows how people lived in the past time especially in the farm. So, you could see some rooms like kitchen with very old style stoves, equipment for farmers and also grinder (made of stone). Actually, they offer tour guide and cost some money, but I was too late for that, so I saw it by myself. Andersen-Hues is not very easy to find if you are not a local. Because it looks like just a normal old style house, but you can extinguish it from other houses from the design. It is a very old Danish style with blood red color bricks. This area is very close to Denmark that’s why some old houses are very similar to Danish house style.
Admission fee is free unless you want a tour guide. [more ]

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Andersen Hüs Risum-Lindholm Andersen House
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