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Senderens, Paris

5.0 stars



Senderens is one of the top-rated restaurants in Paris, and for good reason. The menu, while not particularly extensive, is ambitious and the flavour combinations are bold and, for the most part, very successful. You need to book early to secure a table here, but their online reservation facility makes that easy. If you really want to splurge, request their tasting menu, which is a bit more expensive but gives you a wide range of both food and wine to sample. For three courses, cheese, drinks, and coffee, expect to spend around 250 Euros for two people. This was well out of our travel budget, but we were not sorry we splurged!

In addition to the fabulous food, the atmosphere at Senderens has the advantage of being fairly relaxed. There is no dress code, well-behaved children are welcome, and one family who were clearly regular customers even had their dog under the table! This in no way detracted from the atmosphere, which was very modern and quite quiet and pleasant. We celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary here, and were treated to complimentary champagne and very well attended to throughout the evening. The waitstaff is multilingual, but patient if you want to practice your French. All in all, Senderens was an excellent experience, and one I would highly recommend. Just put it on a credit card and do it! [more ]


We came here for dinner on our six-month marriage anniversary and it was absolutely wonderful; not just the food, but the service and the incredible atmosphere, as well. I had to look up their menu in order to remember the exact name of what I ordered while dining at Senderens with my husband, and it turns out that I had what was called, "Canard croisé, betterave en croûte de sel, jus de betterave aux wasabi," which was duck served with beets in a salt crusting and a wasabi beet juice. It tasted fantastic! It was a bit pricy at thirty-nine Euros for my meal, but my husband's was even more expensive, so be sure to come here with a loaded wallet! [more ]

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