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La Chine Massena, Paris

5.0 stars


China Club

Kitschy, like something straight out of a 1930s leg-and-fanny musical
set in Shanghai, China Club is nevertheless a hot place to hit on the
Parisian club scene. Extravagant, red, and vintage are three words
that immediately come to mind in this underground spot, but the
benefits of visiting (minus the terrific ambiance that is a delightful
stray from Belle Epoque opulence) are twofold: the drinks are well
poured and pretty reasonable (considering the expensive nature of
cocktails in Europe) and there is a spread of amazing Chinese food.
Unimaginative, sure, but where else are you going to find a reliable
spring roll in the city of crepes, foie gras, and escargot? [more ]

La Chine Massena

My husband and I had a fantastic time at La Chine Massena, a beautiful Chinese restaurant that is filled with both large and small dining tables that would be fit for a king, awe-inducing architecture and incredible Chinese decorations.

When we came here, it was very busy, but I think that was because some people were celebrating their anniversary with a large group of friends, but even though there were so many people, it wasn't crowded, to say the least.

The food was wonderful, by the way! I had a delicious Chinese soup and we shared a fondue platter which came with all different sorts of cheeses, fruits and traditional Chinese food items that tasted great, and for the meal, the overall price wasn't bad at all! [more ]

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