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Notre Dame de Paris

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Notre Dame - Coeur de Paris

It is here, in the heart of Paris that Maurice de Sully, bishop of Paris in the 12th century, began the construction of the cathedral "Notre Dame de Paris" (Our Lady of Paris). It is built on the site of St. Stephen's Cathedral and the main part was completed in approximately 1250, but of course several modifications have been made over time.

Along with St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, Notre Dame is one of the most famous and recognizable cathedral's in the world. Its beautiful carvings, buttresses, steon gargoyles and stained-glass windows are a perfect example of gothic art and architecture.

The cathedral was made famous after Victor Hugo published 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame'. An interesting fact is that all road distances are calculated from the 'zero kilometer' point located on the square in front of Notre-Dame.

The cathedral is open every day from 7:45 am to 6:45 pm and is free of charge. The towers, however, carry a charge, which I believe is approximately €8 ($12, 7 GBP) but are an absolute must for any visitor. There are an impressive 387 steps inside the steeple, and should you manage it to the top, you'll be rewarded with outstanding views of the flying buttresses, Île de la Cité ,spires, gargoyles and the cathedrals largest bell, the "Emmanuel Bell".

I recommend giving yourself time to explore the cathedral, both inside and out, but don't take the walk up to the tower unless you're feeling fit - there is no elevator! Also, generally waqtch out for pickpockets operating in the area. It is a major tourist site, so just be alert and enjoy the treat that is Notre Dame Cathedral. [more ]

Noteworthy Notre Dame

While most people think of the Eiffel Tower when they first think of travelling to Paris, it is the Notre Dame that I think sticks out in your mind as the sight of sites when you leave. Nestled next to the banks of the Seine, on the Ile de la Cite, the Notre Dame is beautiful at night or by day. But the thing I like best is the bustling of people around the area. [more ]

Notre Dame

Notre dame de Paris is one of the greatest cathedrals in the world. Having seen the cathedrals in Amiens and Reims this one actually looks much smaller, but it is very important in both architectural and historical sense. Actually it is the first cathedral of this type built in France, so all others are just copying the style from this one. And also being situated in the middle of the capital of France it has been in the center of many important historical events. And if you have read the book of Victor Hugo about the church you can see it in many different aspects and that is a great experience. The interior of the church is really magic, especially if you manage to go there at some time with less tourists - I recommend the mornings. [more ]

Ain't No Love in the Heart of the City

If Ile de la Cite is the heart of Paris, Notre Dame is the coeur de
coeur. Taking over 200 years to build, Notre Dame is the
quintessential example of the church being the center of a city's life
in the Middle Ages. Even now it's a central point of Paris that can
keep saints and sinners alike in awe. Go on a Sunday morning to check
out the magnitude that is service at Notre Dame. The fact that the
services are in Latin isn't that big a deal; the priests are all
mic-ed to high heaven, which wasn't ideal for concrete walls. [more ]

History by Night at Notre Dame de Paris

Throughout the summer, at 21.15 every night except Sunday, a film is projected on a screen stretched over the central aisle of Notre Dame. This film tells the story of the Cathedral, from its early days to its recent history, focusing especially on the architecture and the stained-glass windows. It is fascinating to see each window up close and to recognize the stories they depict. Entry is free and the film is in French, with English subtitles. The lights in the church are lowered for the show, and everything is lit by candlelight, which is worth seeing in itself, even if you are not interested in the film. [more ]

Gorgeous windows

When you visit Notre Dame, be sure not to make it an "in and out" sort of stop, because there are so many things to see and do around the church that you would not know about from dashing in to see it and take pictures and dashing back out.

The windows at Notre Dame cathedral are some of my favorites, and are one of my favorite things about the cathedral. Be sure to visit on a sunny day to get the full effect of all the colors and lights in the darkened cathedral. It is truly an incredible sight.

The gargoyles featured in the movie and book about Notre Dame are some of the most famous in the world, as well as some of the most famous attributes of the cathedral, so be sure to see those as well.

There is a great view of Notre Dame from the bar at the Arab Culture center across the street. It is great for seeing over the top and getting a view of the massive cathedral that you do not usually get to have, There is also a very lovely war monument in the gardens behind the church. [more ]

Like a fairytale

A very impressive place, even for non-religious ones. I’m not Catholic, but Notre Dame was one of the places I just had to see when visiting Paris. The church itself is wonderful, old and magnificent when it comes to design and architecture. If you want a guided tour by all means get it, but I just felt more comfortable exploring on my own. Walking up the stairs (about 300 steps) to the towers is a lot of fun but definitively hard. Be respectful, though: Notre Dame is a functioning cathedral, so there are always people praying while tourists are walking around. [more ]

Notre Dame de Paris

I was stunned and awe-stricken when I visited the Notre Dame Cathedral. Just being able to see it from an outside perspective was incredible enough, but the inside is amazing. The main hall was free to enter, but to view and access the crypt and towers, there was just a small fee that was well-worth putting my Euros down on the table for.

Remember the Disney cartoon "The Hunchback of Notre Dame"? The very same tower that was drawn into the movie, I was there. I saw the three crafty gargoyles, the bell tower and the beautiful stained glass windows brimming with glory as sunset came close, which made the overall place even more beautiful.

There is a giftshop located around the corner from the cathedral where you can find nifty little trinkets, shirts, jewelry and more, but be careful because even though the stuff here is nice, it's also a little pricy, as well. That didn't keep a woman like me from buying a necklace, though... [more ]

Notre-Dame Cathedral

Not less famous than the Eiffel Tower, the Cathedral of Notre-Dame is one of the main tourist attractions in Paris and also one that shouldn't be missed by any tourist. We visited the lovely cathedral in the morning, after walking for more than one hour in the area. We were really impressed and hadn't imagined it to be so beautiful. The style it was built in is Gothic, but it seemed somehow strange to me...maybe a different type of Gothic architecture. I mean, it's very different from the Cologne cathedral, for example, which is a great example for Gothic architecture. The Notre-Dame has to be visited inside too, and if you fell yourself fit enough, you may choose to climb the many stairs(about 390-400, I think) to the Towers. Once up there you get to have an unforgettable view of the area. A definite must-see! [more ]

A must-see

Notre Dame might be the most beautiful cathedral in the world. I was lucky enough to sing inside the sanctuary as part of a Paris tour that I did when I was a member of a chamber choir. The atmosphere inside the place was unbelievable, and I was actually surprised at how few tourists were inside at any one time, so the atmosphere of tranquility was well-preserved. We spent a couple of hours inside altogether, and at the end of it we didn't want to leave, and in fact a small group of us went back again the next day just so we could take a better look at some of the finer points of the architecture. Don't miss this cathedral when you're in Paris; it's worth a visit. [more ]

Cathedral: Notre Dame

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is one of the largest cathedrals in the world but it might be the most famous cathedral as well. It is situated on the Ile de la Cite, a small island in the middle of the city. This is is considered the religious centre of the city. There are signs of the Celts, the Romans and the Christians. It is an unusual thing but it tells one about the importance of the place. I felt strange when I first visited the island. The Cathedral made me feel even more out of place. Everything looked very familiar because of the famous story of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The Gargoyles that came to life in the story are on the left side of the building. It truly is a wonderful cathedral. [more ]

Inside Notre Dame

I had a great time wandering around the building and then finally decided to walk inside. This is a place that is memorable, not least because of its size, but mainly because of its stunning beauty. It was especially impressive when I considered that it was built many hundreds of years ago. It took me an hour to see everything inside and I wish I could have stayed for longer, but it was time to move on. I headed back over the bridge and had a coffee at the Boulanger de Papa, a small coffee shop on the corner of the first small street behind the main riverside road. [more ]

The Gardens around Notre Dame

The first impressive building that the bus passed was Notre Dame, and so I got off at that stop and headed for this famous landmark. The actual Cathedral building was on the other side of the river so I had a nice few minutes crossing the bridge and taking in the view of the boats as they meandered along the waterway. As I approached Notre Dame I was able to enjoy some beautiful sights. The sun was shining and the scene very colourful as there are some well-tended gardens around the Notre Dame building itself, which all looked stunning. [more ]

Notre Dame Paris

During my last trip to Notre Dame, I managed to spend some extra time taking in some of the art that is at the rear of the main cathedral, furthest away from the entrance. There are a number of that makes viewing them difficult, are still absolutely spectacular. Not far away are a number of places where you can see models of the Notre Dame and gain a good insight into the way the structure was built all those centuries ago. I think it is worth putting aside a whole afternoon to fully appreciate this awesome place. [more ]

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