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L'As du Fallafel, Paris

5.0 stars


Best Falafel Ever

I've had a lot of falafel, but the ones at l'As du Fallafel are by far the best ones I've ever tasted. The actual falafels are much smaller than you're used to, which means more of that crispy crust, and the sauces and condiments that are added really make the sandwich.

You can eat in or take out, but there are always so many people eating in that I've always taken it to go. They give you a little fork, so it's not too messy, and wandering around the Marais (the Jewish quarter where l'As is located) is never a bad thing.

There is a set way of making the sandwich. They always ask you if you want everything, but unless you are severely opposed to one of the ingredients (or allergic), get it with everything... don't try to mess with something so good: they know what they're doing. [more ]

L'As du Falafel

L'As du Falafel is justly famous as the best falafel restaurant in Paris' Jewish Quarter. Lunch specials are very reasonable, with a falafel pita sandwich coming in at 7 Euros. Don't let the price fool you, it turned out to be far more than I could eat. It was wonderful, with little touches of houmous and aubergine and a variety of spicy sauces to add your own flavour. L'As du Falafel serves far more than just falafel, however; their shwarma is outstanding, and their menu is extensive. Try the house lemonade; at 4 Euros a glass, it's still well worth the price. The restaurant is crowded, primarily with English speakers, and noisy, but on the plus side it is air conditioned and the food more than makes up for the atmosphere! If it's falafel you're after, or just a good lunch deal, you can't do better. [more ]

L'As du Fallafel

A good friend of mine and I stopped by L'As du Fallafel on our walk back to my home, a Jewish restaurant that serves some of the best fallafel in town (hence the name) as well as pita sandwiches, brochettes and a handful of other cheap options. For 7,00, I had a pita sandwich with poulet sauté au curry, which is French for sautéed curry chicken. It tasted great! My friend ate schawarma à l'agneau, which is a donner kebab (or döner kebab for the German viewers on this website) that was only 7,50. Drinks were around 3,00 each for colas, from what I can remember. We ordered from a take-out window to speed up the process and ate as we walked. Great place for lunch. [more ]

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