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L'Hôtel, Paris

5.0 stars


La P'tit Cantine

My husband and I shared a wonderful bottle of tantalizing red Bordeaux wine while we dined on some of the most fantastic entrecôte we've both ever had in our entire lives. Entrecôte is a cut of beef coming from the rib area, I think, meaning it's one of the tastiest cuts you can have, but also one of the more expensive cuts, as well. The meat was cooked to perfection, just the way we ordered - mine well-done, his with a bit of pink left on the inside. For the price we paid, the food tasted great and the portions were generous, leaving just enough room for Moelleux au chocolat as dessert, which also tasted great! Overall, it was a wonderfully romantic (and filling) experience! [more ]


When my husband and I were in the middle of moving to another part of Paris about six months before I was due to have our son, we took a break for breakfast at L'Hôtel, a cozy, intimate little café. When I say "little," I really mean it! I wouldn't recommend coming to L'Hôtel with a group larger than four people, and that's pushing it to an absolute maximum because I remember counting around ten to twelve seats in total at this place with just two tables and a few bar seats. We were lucky enough to be squeezed in here for a late breakfast and we both ate omelettes with bacon, which tasted out of this world, especially when you're as hungry as we were from moving so many items (even myself, who was pregnant and wasn't allowed to carry any heavy objects!). Since then, we've been back numerous times, both with and without our son, who also loves this place! [more ]

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