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Cathedral of St. Giusto, Trieste

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Cathedral of St. Giusto

Cathedral of St. Giusto is located at Piazza Cattedrale 3. Trieste may not be a huge town and as I said there are plenty of shops and cafes to keep you busy, however I tend to forget the town itself has a long history. At the Capitolino Hill there is a good number of buildings that will give you a better idea this city indeed was an important port once. The basilica dates back to 14th century and it is named after Saint Giusto who is the patron saint of Trieste. It actually combines 2 basilicas one was dedicated to St. Giusto and the other was dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta.

Opening hours are daily from 8:30am until noon and then from 4:00pm until 7:00pm. [more ]

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