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Liege Citadel, Liège

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Liege Citadel

Liege citadel was an old 18-th century citadel above the city of Liege. Today only some of it has remained after many wars and reconstructions. Currently it doesn't look very attractive and it hosts a hospital or some sort of clinic, but anyway, there are two good reasons of visiting it. The first one is the wonderful view towards the city and the river Maas (Meuse). And the second is the famous staircase of more than ... stairs that takes you from the center directly to the citadel. The staircase is not the only way to go to the citadel and I would recommend that you climb the other (much less steeeper) way behind the palace and then go back down using the staircase if you don't want to get pretty tired. [more ]

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1. Cathédrale Saint- Paul 1.89 mi
2. Liege Guilleumins train station 4.43 mi
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