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Gateway Butchery, Nairobi Region

4.0 stars


Gateway Butchery

Gateway Butchery is my favorite destination for sampling Kenya’s favorite delicacy, ‘Nyama Choma’ which is usually served with ‘Ugali’ or any other food of your choice. Customers get to choose either roasted meat, boiled meat or fried meat. Wide ranging vegetable delicacies are also served on request. The butchery is famous among Nairobi residents as well as among tourists who always throng the butchery in throngs to sample Kenya’s best African delicacies. Snacks, appetizers and drinks are also served at the butchery. Waiters are always standby to take customer orders. The Gateway Butchery has ample sitting space and parking space as well. I have always enjoyed having my meals at this magnificent butchery. [more ]

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