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Carnivore, Nairobi Region

4.0 stars


All Night Partying at the Carnivore Restaurant

The Carnivore restaurant is arguably the epitome of nightlife entertainment in Nairobi. I have been frequenting the Carnivore ever since I was a teenager and I have never been disappointed. The restaurant is always jammed by revelers from all walks of life who dance to live performances from both local and international artists. I have always approved the expertise of the DJs in the restaurant who work out the dancing crowds with their superb music mixing antics. The restaurant’s has a spacious dance floor and adequate sitting space as well. Food and drinks are served throughout the night, with local ‘Nyama Choma and ugali’ (roast meat and porridge) delicacy being my favorite dish at the resultant. Although I do not take alcohol, I have always noticed the abundance of beers, spirits and wines. The restaurant is conveniently situated within the city’s suburbs and easily accessible from whichever part of Nairobi. [more ]

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