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Mars 2112 Bar, New York

5.0 stars


The best Martian bar on Earth

Do you think New York City sometimes looks like Mars, people and all? You are right and the place to prove this is Mars Bar 2112! Nothing like Venusville from the Total Recall film – sure, but the mood is still the same: red walls and tables in a structure that looks somehow a Martian cave.

In order to go to Mars of course you need a spacecraft – so to enter this bar you will be first tilted and accelerated over this hydraulic spacecraft simulator…and then you land on Mars ready to drink…

There you will see some sort of aliens – some humans too piped into oxygen lines from the wall, cute waitress and all sorts of funny people and colorful cocktails.

The ambience is definitely unique – have a go. [more ]

lots of fun if you don't mind the crowds

Mars 2112 is one of those you probably will never visit unless you're a tourist: it's wildly expensive, full of noisy tourists and during rush hour there's a waiting line to get in! As a New Yorker, I'm glad I braved the crowds and made it in anyway. The decor of the place is fabulous: red everywhere, from the cave-like walls to the futuristic bathrooms to the lightbulbs. The bar/restaurant can only be accessed through a "flight simulator" (elevator) you board at the entrance. It's a great way to get you into the mood of the place and a lot of fun to ride it, even if it's barely just moving a floor down.

As with a lot of NYC places, come for the ambiance, rather than the food. Stay away from large dishes (REALLY expensive) and just have a quick apetizer and a cold drink. [more ]

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