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Vysehrad Castle, Prague

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Vysehrad Castle

This is a great castle and church that overlooks the Vtlava River from a height of ground just east of the river. The castle grounds are uncrowded and much like a park. It is a popular place with the locals. Just take the B line to the Vysehrad stop and the church and castle grounds are a short walk away. This castle actually proceeded the main one on the west side of the river. The grounds are great for walking around and having a picnic. After visiting this quiet place take the stairs down to the riverside for an enjoyable walk back into town. [more ]

360 Degree View of Prague from Vysehrad

Prague's other castle, Vsyehrad, is often overlooked. It may not be as spectacular as Prague castle, or even recognisable as a castle for that matter - it's really more of a fortress. Still, it has a lot of pleasant grassy areas, plus a beautiful church whose graveyard holds Czech national icons such as Dvorak and the bell even plays snippets of classical music on the hour. It's also very high up, and if you walk round the edge of it you can get a really great view of Prague in its entirity [more ]

Visehrad castle

Visehrad is the second most important castle in Prague, but actually it was here where the first Prague fortress stood in the 10-th century. Today only the walls remain from that old fortress creating a citadel-like feeling inside. The fortress is on a steep hill above the river to the south of the old and new town. Inside there is something like a large and very calm park with lots of wonderful views from the fortress bastions. And in the middle of the park there is a great gothic church. Visehrad is a wonderful place to escape all those big tourist crowds in the center for a while. [more ]

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Vysehrad Castle Prague Panorama mit Tafel Stadtmauer
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