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Church of ST. Peter and St Paul, Prague

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St Peter and Pavel church

The Saint Peter and Pavel church is in the middle of the medieval fortress of Visehrad. It was actually built in the 20-th century, and has the typical neo-gothic appearance. Inside it is also quite nice (especially considering the fact that I don’t like neo-gothic very much) and has a very calm atmosphere, not like the other churches in Prague, probably because of the small amounts of tourists that reached Visehrad which is quite far away from the city center. Behind the church there is a famous cemetery, where many important Czechs were buried, including the famous author Carel Capek. [more ]

Church of St. Peter and St Paul

This is another large church that serves as a Prague landmark. It is part of the Vysehrad castle, as the grand church is well worth viewing from both the outside and inside. To get there take the Metro to the Vysehrad stop and when you exit the underground you can easily view the tall spire that is part of the skyline. It is worth the small entrance fee to see the beautiful interior of this majestic structure. It is also fun to check out the bulletin board, where current activities of the parishoners are posted. Also check out the rest of the castle grounds and the stairs that descend to the Vtlava River. [more ]

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