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The Joshua Tree Pub, Florence

5.0 stars


The Joshua Tree Pub

On the corner of Via dei Canacci and Via della Scala, is the place where friends meet for drinks, conversation, and a soccer match. For five years I have been a frequent client of this U2 influence waterhole of Florence. Although this is a place mainly of Florentines, occasionally there are English speaking people drinking down the best lager. I enjoy this place especially because of the ambiance. It has a homey feel, with its comfy corner tables with colorfully painted chairs. Cost hooks are spread about the bar as if you just walked into a close friend's house. The staff is friendly, some speak a bit of English, others do not or pretend not to understand, but they do. The area in the evening becomes rather sketchy but I have never felt unsafe. The location is down the road from Piazza Santa Maria Novella which means you are very close to the Stazione(train station). That is an area you shouldn't wander to at night, man or woman. The bar has DJs every night, that fills the bar with a bit of their own personality, culture, and rocking tunes. From 4-9pm it is what we call Happy Hour, the drinks are all half price. As soon as 9 hits the drinks go to full price, so spend a early evening beer before heading to a your dinner plans. Anyways it is worth the venture in this vintage bar. My friends own it and run it like their home. Simone, the smooth looking one, and the dread wearing, Massi are the owners. Paolo, is the best friend of Simone and has been the doorman since the beginning, November 1997. We try not to spread the word too much about this special watering hole, because it has a small following and we don't want it to arrive a mainstream bar in Florence. All I ask is that if you venture, keep it on the down low that it is a fantastic place! :) [more ]

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