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Bombah Point Eco Cottages, Bulahdelah

5.0 stars


Food at the cottages

In the reception cottage you could get most of the products you would need for cooking. There were even eggs from the local chickens. All you had to do is pick your food from the fridge and write what you were taking in a book. It was all based on trust, there was no one there making sure you are writing the correct amounts down.

For one of the days, we pre-ordered the meals and we had breakfast, lunch and dinner brought to us by Jill. We still had to cook our steak, but everything was made easy for us, and the products were top quality. I even rang afterwards to ask what brand of muesli we were given and I have been buying that brand ever since. [more ]

Chooks and garden

After we settled in, we decided to explore the surrounding area and we headed for the vegetable garden. At first, we thought it was rather small, until we realised that there was another, larger part of it further down. We picked lettuce, herbs, chilies, lemons, a raw paw-paw to make some salad and a pumpkin. Even in winter, there were plenty of vegetables growing in the garden. I would love to see it in summer. Near the garden were the chickens. Guests were encouraged to give them the scraps from their meals. These must be the most overfed chickens in the world, there was food everywhere and they seemed quite full and content. [more ]

Eco cottages

After our 3-hour drive from Sydney with our baby crying the whole way, we could hardly believe it that we were finally there. As we entered the Cottages, the first thing we saw were large solar panels – 60% of the electricity on site is generated locally. We stopped at the reception area first and met our host – Jill, who was very friendly and showed us to our cottage. We loved our cottage instantly. There was a bedroom and large living area with mantelpiece and fully equipped kitchen downstairs and a loft. It was during winter, so we decided to sleep in the loft, as it was much warmer. We also had a spa bath and a verandah with stunning valley views. [more ]

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Bombah Point Eco Cottages Bulahdelah
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