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Backdoor Blues, Quezon City

4.0 stars


Why Come Back?

A bar that stays open until late and serves not only cold beer and great eats at most affordable prices but also the best blues music ever? Come on! Need I say more on why I keep coming back to Backdoor Blues? Once you see how this bar was arranged and designed, you’d appreciate its simplicity whether you study art or not. What’s not to love about it? It really serves ‘a plate for every taste,’ with ‘cold brew and ‘nothing but the blues’. If that doesn’t convince you to check this place out, then visit its website for more information at "", or email the staff at "". [more ]

Unique Food Array

Like any good chill out place, Backdoor Blues has rice meals, pasta, sandwiches and best of all, bar chow, to suit all tastes. And aside from the booze, it also serves non-alcoholic drinks like coffee, soda, and water. The best-sellers include the Cream Peppercorn Chops which is pork loin cut and cooked to perfection, covered with the right amount of Peppercorn sauce, and served with rice or potato marbles. The next best-seller is the Corn Sizzle which is a serving of corn kernels fried in oil on an iron hotplate. Lastly, the Beef Steak Melt cannot be forgotten. It is a serving of beef strips pan fried in olive oil and onions, topped with melt-in-your-mouth mozzarella cheese on French bread. You’ll need breath mints after eating this though. I guarantee that, but it’ll be worth it. After all, it’s the taste that counts and not the smell. [more ]

To Backdoor Blues on Foot

In Teacher’s Village, there has always been three ways to get to where you want to be. The most economically sound method would be to walk. This is my preferred mode of traveling when inside the village. It promotes health, too, unless you’re walking alone in a dark alley at the dead of night. By then it just promotes crime. Walking has its health benefits, but when you have no idea where you’re going and you’re all alone in a dark, desolate area, then NOT walking would have health benefits. Walking under the worst circumstances is just a form of suicide, and should not be tried by people who are unfamiliar with the territory while having fat wallets. It’s a method only the locals like me do. The next cheapest thing would be to ride a tricycle, followed by hailing a cab, which is, of course, the best and most recommended means of transportation. [more ]

Backdoor Blues

Blues, blues, blues. If you’re into that kind of music, then this place is just for you. Backdoor Blues is no conundrum. It serves good food and beverages with great blues music. It’s located at the backdoor of Brother’s, also a joint that serves beer in the wee hours of the morning. When you’re in Teacher’s Village and you feel like grabbing a beer or two with a bunch of music lovers at one in the morning, give this place a shot. It’s made exactly for people who live the rocking lifestyle of rock stars. This place is really a good place to hang out at after a concert or a gig. Experience a night in my fun shoes; drop by Backdoor Blues today. [more ]

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