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Blue Mountains, Katoomba

2.0 stars


DIY the True Bue Mountains

I loved my time in Sydney and it was too short, but even I, as a city-lover, knew I had to forgo it for just one day to see some nature, and I wasn’t disappointed with my trip to the nearby Blue Mountains.

This spectacular range is a World Heritage Site and with good reason. The blue haze given off the mountains has, I think, a scientific reason – something to do with eucalyptus? I don’t know – I chose just to admire and snap photos instead.

We took a tour bus there because we were short on time but knowing you can take a train there yourself I would advise that so you can take the time to sit at one of the lookout points, have a picnic and admire the view of 1000’s of acres of breathtaking mountain scenery. [more ]

Blue Mountains - not so blue after all!!

Given that it’s such a beloved landmark, this positing will probably invite some criticism. Still, I feel obliged to stay true to myself by recording honestly what I saw and how I felt. After hearing so many polemic reviews , I decided it was time for me to go and see it for myself.
To avoid the crowd, I went there on a Wednesday. As it was going to be a day trip, I woke up early in the morning to catch the train from Central to Katoomba. A roundtrip ticket cost me only 17 bucks, which is the off-peak price. The two- hour train ride was quite pleasant in general. It was a beautiful day and the view out the window was a welcoming change of scene. Though after 30 minutes, it kind of looked monotonous. As expected, there weren’t too many passengers on board, which gave me the peace and quiet to catch some sleep. It looked like the trip was off to good start. I arrived at the station of Katoomba at around half past 11. When I walked out the station, I was a bit taken by what was in front of me. The surrounding looked a tad bleak. It certainly didn’t look like a touristic town. I walked down Katoomba St. and followed the signs along the road. On the way, there were loads of townhouses with beautiful mini garden in the front. There was not a single soul on the street, so I was wondering if I was headed in the wrong direction. But then, I decided to trust myself for once and I ended up 30 minutes later at the iconic three sisters.(Kudos for me!!) Surprisingly, there weren’t too many tourists and there was an aboriginal man sitting on the ground playing the traditional instrument to a small group of tourists. I quickly took the picture of the three sisters but honestly, I wasn’t too impressed. I then walked down the bushwalking trail, thinking I would spend an hour or two exploring the area before heading back to catch another train to Leura, which is another touristic town in the area. I followed the signs carefully on the trail for fear that I would get lost in the rainforest. I took a few pictures from some look-out points and ended up riding in a cable car. (Not the scenic drive, but I couldn’t quite remember the details.)After three hours, I was greatly disappointed as the view was…… nothing to write home about. I decided to stop at the Belgium waffle shop (highly recommended by my roommates) for a late lunch on Katoomba St before leaving for Leura. It was (expletive) yummy and a great console for the not-so-wonderful adventure into the Jamison Valley.

As quoted from my guidebook, Leura is a postcard perfect town. It’s a shame because the weather was miserable by the time I arrived, so I guess Leura wasn’t looking its best. Despite the mist and the chill, I still managed to make it to Gordon Falls, which turned out to be not that different from what I saw earlier in the day. When I walked back to the station, the sky was looking so phantasmagorical that it was almost surreal.

Looking back, I’d probably be better off signing up for a packaged tour; at least I don’t have to worry about getting lost. Truth be told, I had more fun getting there than the whole time I spent exploring the famed Blue Mountains. [more ]

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